Top 5 Travel and Tourism Management Colleges in Delhi NCR

Travel and Tourism Courses for 2024!

Gone are the days when man used to live in isolation. Nowadays, people’s interdependence with each other has increased and this enhanced dependence has opened up doors of opportunities for the travel and tourism industry.

In today’s fast paced and interconnected world, travel and tourism have a huge impact on global economies, create cultural exchange that is unforgettable, shape global economies as well as create lasting memories for thousands of people who seek to carve careers in this field.

The following blog post will go deep into the multicolored landscape of the travel and tourism sector by giving you an opportunity to get the best top colleges which will build your career path if you really want to make it in this area.

Travel Industry Potential on The Rise

Travel Industry Potential on The Rise

With globalization on the rise, there is a high demand for skilled professionals in the tourism industry. According to WTTC (World Travel, & Tourism Council), tourism accounts for a significant contribution towards the world GDP with millions of new jobs expected to be created within years. Within India itself, the travel and tourism sector presents a vast scope for growth as well as innovation.

This is good news for students who aspire to work in this sector as a professional. Nevertheless, the desire for specific knowledge and expertise still remains. Gaining skills and experience will help you compete effectively in this industry.

The Importance of Quality Education

However, there should be structured learning and practical exposure if passion and enthusiasm are to bear the desired fruits in a competitive travel industry. Therefore, choosing your college is important.

Given the availability of numerous choices, it can become incredibly complicated. As much as possible though, potential professionals should go for institutions that have industry-relevant curriculum, qualified teachers and good internships that provide direct experience.

Delhi-NCR which comprises Delhi itself alongside its suburbs Noida and Gurgaon has several reputed colleges offering high standard education on travel and tourism management could be an ideal choice if you come from there or intend to work in the field.

Let’s check out some of the leading travel and tourism management colleges in Delhi-NCR:

  • 1. EaseMyTrip Academy: This is the best college in travel and tourism management in Delhi-NCR. With its top-notch facilities and a faculty comprising experienced professionals from the industry, EaseMyTrip Academy offers a broad spectrum of travel and tourism courses that combine theoretical knowledge with practical skills. It enables students to gain from partnerships with industry, embed themselves in internships, and experience the world through global exposure thereby giving them an edge in their career.
  • 2. Delhi Institute of Hotel Management and Tourism: The approach to hospitality education at Delhi Institute of Hotel Management and Tourism (DIHMT) sets it apart as a leader in this field. DIHMT provides a variety of specialized courses catering to the demands of the constantly changing traveling sector such as culinary arts or event management for instance. Students coming out of this institution are groomed through experiential learning and industry linkages to be leaders in their area.
  • 3. Indian Institute of Travel and Tourism Management: As a prestigious institute under the Ministry of Tourism, Government of India, Indian Institute of Travel and Tourism Management (IITTM) enjoys a pre-eminent position among educational institutions. With a curriculum designed in consultation with industry experts, IITTM offers programs that cover various facets of travel and tourism management, including sustainable tourism practices and destination planning. Students benefit from guest lectures, field trips, and internship opportunities that enrich their learning experience.
  • 4. International Institute of Travel and Tourism: Committed to nurturing global leaders in the travel and tourism industry, the International Institute of Travel and Tourism (IITT) emphasizes innovation and entrepreneurship in its programs. Through a blend of classroom lectures, practical training, and industry projects, IITT equips students with the skills needed to thrive in a rapidly evolving market. The institute’s strong industry connections ensure that students have access to valuable networking opportunities and internships with leading organizations.
  • 5. Institute of Tourism and Hotel Management: With a legacy of excellence spanning over two decades, the Institute of Tourism and Hotel Management (ITHM) is a preferred choice for aspiring hospitality professionals. Offering diploma and degree programs in tourism management, hotel administration, and aviation management, ITHM provides a holistic learning environment that fosters creativity, leadership, and global citizenship. Students benefit from industry visits, workshops, and career guidance services that pave the way for a rewarding career in travel and tourism.

In Essence


At the heart of it, with the world becoming an increasingly global village, opportunities in travel and tourism are exploding. And that is good news for those eying a career here. If you’re one of them, our suggestion would be to go for professional grounding from some of the top travel and tourism colleges in the country.

You should therefore look for an institution that not only emphasizes rote learning but also fosters industrial exposure and hands-on experience. One such school in Delhi-NCR is EaseMyTrip Academy and if you want to become a professional in the travel and tourism industry, then this college is suitable for you.

So why sit back? Start your dream career today by simply taking the first step. Join EaseMyTrip Academy Courses where you will be trained by well experienced professionals who will give you an opportunity to excel in this world full of endless possibilities.

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